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Top 10 Telugu Thriller Movies List With Suspense in Recent Times [Contemporary]

Here I want to mention Top 10 Thriller Movies of Telugu Cinema. Generally, Telugu Industry Does not focus on Thriller Movie Scripts as like Tamil and Malayalam Film Industries. Yearly, we can see only 1 or 2 Trendsetting Thriller Movies in Tollywood. If we compare the same with Tamil Movies, The number of Thriller/ Suspense Movies in Telugu is less. Let's have a look at the Top 10 Thriller Movies of Telugu Film Industry in recent times.
Telugu Thriller Movies

List of Top 10 Telugu Thriller Movies List with Suspense

1. Anukokunda Oka Roju: I can say this movie will be the Number 1 Thriller movie of all time. The story and direction were by Chandrasekhar Yeleti. The one great thing about this movie is that This is a Heroin oriented movie with Charmi, Jagapathi Babu, Pavan Malhotra and Shashank in lead roles. This movie was declared as a blockbuster in 2005.   
2. Karthikeya: You can ask me why I have mentioned it in second place because this movie is from the debutant director, Chandu Mondeti featuring Nikhil and Colors Swathi in lead roles. 
3. Kshanam: A simple Telugu Thriller movie with well-organized scenes. It is also dubbed into the Hindi language.
4. 1 Nenokkadine: The ultimate Thriller movie in recent times. The movie was not a hit at theaters but critically acclaimed for directors (Sukumar) vision and thoughts.
5. Okka Kshanam: This is a worth watching Thriller Movie with an excellent screenplay.
6. Anasuya: A suspense oriented movie revolves around a psycho killer. This movie was directed by Ravi Babu featuring Bhumika, Ravi Babu himself in lead roles.     
7. A Film By Aravind: This is one of the massive Thriller Hits of Telugu Movie Industry those days. This movie was released in the same year of Anukokunda Oka Roju. This movie has run for 100 days in theaters in 2005.  
8. Nandanavanam 120 KM: This movie is directed by Nellakanta.
9. Gudachari
10. PSV Garudavega

Also, check a few more thriller movies worth watching

1. Athadu
2. Gentleman
3. Iyitey
4. Nenu Meeku Telusa
5. Shourya
6. Kesava
7. Amaravathi
8. Bhagamathi

Best Telugu Thriller Movies Remakes of Other Languages

  • Dhruva
  • Dhrusyam
  • U-Turn
  • Bluff Master
  • Gharshana

Telugu Thriller Movies List Dubbed from Tamil

Apart from above Top 10, I want to mention a few movies dubbed from Tamil to Telugu and recognized well. Below is the list of Telugu Thriller Movies dubbed from the Tamil language. I have known a lot of  Tamil Thriller Movies, but I am not mentioning here. I will try to write another post on Tamil Movies. Let's check the below list of movies which are very interesting to watch.
Telugu Thriller Movies List Dubbed from Tamil

  • Nakili
  • 16
  • Bhadram
  • Nagaram
  • Project Z
  • Bichagadu
  • Bethaludu
  • Thupaki
  • Pizza
  • Pisachi
  • Vishali
  • Anamika
  • Ghajini
  • Detective
  • Viswaroopam
  • Abhimanyudu

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