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Top 10 Ram Gopal Varma Horror Movies List

Ram Gopal Varma Horror Movies: RGV is one of the top film makers in India & well known for his style of direction, technical finesse, and realistic approach. He made movies on various film genres like thrillers, crime, romance, suspense, horror, comedy, etc. But, the crime & horror movies has took him a lot of fame allover India. And, the name "RGV" has become a trademark for Horror Movies. Beginning from his first horror film "Raat (Hindi)/ Raatri (Telugu)", he made more than 10 movies which were entirely based on the Horror backdrop, And most of them are successful.


Top 10 Ram Gopal Varma Horror Movies List

Today, I am presenting the top 10 & best horror movies of Ram Gopal Varma. Hope you enjoy! watching these movies list. However, most of these movies are available on the Internet for free. So, select a movie from this list & enjoy watching.

I don't want to give any explanation about the movies at this point. Simply, check the movie titles along with the images. These movies are available in Hindi & Telugu only.

1. Raat (Hindi)/ Raatri (Telugu) - 1992
2. Deyyam (Telugu) - 1996 
3. Kaun? (Hindi)/ Evaru (Telugu) - 1999
4. Bhoot (Hindi)/ 12 Va Anthasthu (Telugu) - 2003
5. Darna Mana Hai (Hindi) - 2003 -  As a producer
6. Vaastu Shastra (Hindi) / Marri Chettu (Telugu) - 2004 - As a Producer
7. Darling (Hindi) - 2007
8. Phoonk (Hindi)/ Raksha (Telugu) - 2008
9. Bhoot Returns (Hindi) - 2012
10. Ice Cream

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