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All Time Underrated Movies of Telugu Cinema Till 2019

There are a lot of Underrated Telugu Movies till the time of writing this post. Here I have gathered a list of best underrated Telugu Movies 2019. The list also consists of movies which I personally like along with the public opinion. Moreover, I have considered public opinions while writing this article. Let's have a look at the movies which are The Best but Not Successful at Box Office.


Most Underrated Telugu Movies 2019

Nagarjuna Kedi: This is one of the excellent script narrating the journey of a Man's Life. I have watched this movie 'n' number of times. The main elements attracted me to watch this movie are Screenplay, Star Cast, Music & a simple story. If this is an English Movie, definitely it might have a Big hit. Sandeep Chowtha has given a wonderful music to this movie.

Nenu Naa Rakshasi: I hope, everyone likes this movie. But, the movie was not recognized as a hit at Boxoffice. But, the movie has got a good response after few days of the release.

Banam: This is the debut movie of young actor Nara Rohit. The movie is absolutely a true attempt by the director - Chaitanya Dantuluri. However, 80% of the Nara Rohit movies are underrated.

Anukshanam: This movie was directed by RGV starring Manchu Vishnu in a lead role. This movie script looks similar to a korean movie. But, the scenes are entirely different & the movie has the RGV mark of film making.

Nandanavanam 120 KM: Today generation may not know about this movie. But, it is one of the best works from director Neelakanta. This is a Psychological Thriller Movie with honest attempt. Definitely, You enjoy watching this movie.

Manasara: Director Ravi Babu's one of the heart touching movie is "Manasara". Music & story are absolutely awesome.

Nuvvila: Undoubtedly, This is best comedy movie in Telugu Cinema. This movie was released in the year 2011 & has received a good talk.

Nakili: This movie was dubbed from Tamil to Telugu. Due to of the excellent screen play, It has received a good acclaim in Tamil. This movie was released in less theaters in Telugu & not Noticed by most of the people. I am sure, it will thrill you.

Apart from the above said movies, there are also movies like Balakrishna Sultan, Chenna Kesava Reddy, Aaduvari Matalaku Ardhale verule, 1 Nenokkadine, Khaleja, Neninthe, Golimar, Raviteja Show, etc.

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